August Favorites

I really like doing these favorites doodles. They give me an excuse to draw things that make me happy! I'm certainly not the first to do it - I got the idea from beauty guru YouTubers who do their monthly favorites, but I know some really awesome illustrators do it as well: Fran, Karolina, and Lily being some of them. :)

Here's mine for the month of August! Yes, most of them were Disney-related. I went on a super fun trip to Disney World with some friends and had a fantastic time. Blog post on that later!

  1. Beet Margarita from the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT Loved how sweet/planty(?) this tasted! And it also marked the the first drink of the day when we attempted to drink around the world in EPCOT. One of the most fun days of the trip, we were extremely giggly and delirious (but not too sloppy) and ended with an amazing steak dinner at the Canadian pavilion.
  2. Disney World! Ugh, I can't get enough! Not only is it cute/fun/magical but I'm obsessed with the attention to detail in the parks, from the attractions to the theming to the customer service. And going with a bunch of friends made it all the more better!
  3. Trash Can Ornament Vinny and I usually buy a Christmas ornament on every trip we take and this one just cracked me up so much. It's a model of the trash cans by the "It's a Small World" ride in Magic Kingdom. They have ones of most of the Magic Kingdom "lands" but this one was the cutest, IMO.
  4. Pacifica Sea Foam Face Cleanser I'm very picky with facial cleansers and it's really hard to find them in travel size, but this one did a great job on our trip! Super gentle and smells so nice. It was a part of a travel gift set I got in Target.
  5. Nike Roshe Runs These served me well on an 12+hour-a-day 8-day trip to Disney. They are not so white anymore sadly. :(
  6. 6-Color Pen from Urban Outfitters. I found it in clearance for $2. I used to be obsessed with these (and still am, as an adult who buys too many pens).