March Favorites

  1. Glossier Boy Brow and Glossier Moon Mask. I was extremely skeptical about Boy Brow before purchasing but holy crap am I a convert. I have tried other tinted brow gels before but I hated how it would stain your skin and then you'd have to use q-tips to get it off and the convenience of it was basically void. This stuff is great. I still use Anastasia Dipbrow to fill in most days, but Boy Brow is great for when you want your face to feel a little more tidy. I'm not 100% convinced of the abilities of Moon Mask (yet) but I do love how it makes my face feel when I'm using it! Like, menthol-y but not as strong? I do love me a good face mask.
  2. I got a haircut. I'm still sticking with the bob and loving it, but I've got the urge to go pixie again! I just wish my hair didn't grow so fast. Getting a haircut once a month is $$$.
  3. A blue 50s skirt I got from Another Man's Treasure (vintage store) in Jersey City. I feel very Roman Holiday in it. Can't wait until real spring starts so I can flounce around in it.
  4. The Write Stuff JC, a postcard-writing organization in Jersey City that was carved out of a desire to speak out against the current administration. I went to one of the events this month and, as the founder Sofia Tome puts it, letter-writing is really cathartic. Not only that, but I think that this form of communication with government officials can be effective, especially at the local level. I got to learn about things happening in Jersey City that were being affected by things happening at the federal level that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to find out about their next event!
  5. Dear Handmade Life Podcast. If you are a maker or artist trying to make a business out of your craft, I highly highly recommend this one. The hosts, Delilah and Nicole, along with their guests, give so much great practical advice and sometimes get really real and vulnerable about building their businesses, which is something I need to hear sometimes. It's easy to look around (ahem social media) and see so many creative entrepreneurs who are just nailing it, but it's nice to know that they too had (and have) some tough times to push through to get where they are.