Travel Recap: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our little trip to Puerto Rico was so lovely. The food, the people, the colors. We really loved it there. We spent a full 5 days there and stayed in an Airbnb close to Old San Juan and Condado. Here's a recap on the things we did/ate/saw. Click to expand the pictures!

Shoutout to my friends Jillian & Aimee who sent me their recommendation on San Juan!


3 Things to Do

El Yunque Rainforest: We did the 4-hour (there & back) hike to the top of the rainforest. Gorgeous views and the trails are well-kept! We kept trying to look for coqui frogs, but we could only hear their little chirping.

Bioluminescent Kayaking: We did this the same day we did the 4-hour hike and we were very happy-exhausted by the end of it. SUCH a cool experience kayaking in the pitch-black. Although, do check the moon calendars. We had a bright waxing quarter moon and it definitely made a difference in the visibility of the glow.

La Factoria: There is a wine bar speakeasy behind the bar, and another salsa-dancing room behind that. We were there a bit early so we didn't get to go to the salsa room, but the wine bar was really cool and they have their own menu of wine cocktails.

3 Places to eat

Kiosko Luquillo: A good place to grab some food before heading out to Luquillo beach.

Deaverdura: Get the sample platter! You won't be disappointed. Get some rum coconuts while you're at it too.

Kasalta: Breakfast sandwiches on mallorca bread. Still having dreams about it.

3 Things to See

Old San Juan & El Morro: A beautiful and well-preserved city. The colors of the buildings made my heart happy. El Morro is also very impressive and the views are great!

La Cueva del Indio: We were hesitant to check this out since it was an hour drive from San Juan, but we were so glad we did! It's basically a small series of rock formations and caves on the coast that you can climb on and it was breathtaking! Not a bad side trip. An hour to get there, an hour climbing around, and then an hour drive back.

Condado & Condado Beach: A fun area to walk around. Lots of restaurants and good people-watching. The beach is really nice, but the waves are a little strong for me! I would recommend Pine Grove Beach if you'd like to swim.


I almost forgot! If you like art, you should go to Museo del Arte. It's small, but filled with a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary art. And the grounds in the back are lovely too.


Hope you enjoyed my little recap! We really loved San Juan/Puerto Rico and probably would go back. 5 days were perfect for our trip, but we would've like to visit Culebra and Vieques as well!