This is Bruce. His face is permanently grumpy, but his personality is so sweet. He's a little shy when he meets people, but when he warms up he is a big mush. He barks in his sleep. His favorite way to lie down is the sploot. His hind legs aren't the greatest due to a neurological issue but he is in no pain and he loves to play and walk.

He mostly grunts and sounds like a pig. He likes to sit in my lap sometimes and look out the window. He is afraid of the street cleaner and garbage truck, but not of vacuums or hair dryers. I have to clean his face 4x a day and he hates it. He is a Shih Tzu but his butt fur is curly.

We're not really sure how old he is! One vet said 2-3 and another said 6-7. We don't really care either way because he is the best dog. We're so happy to have him and you'll probably be seeing his face a lot more often on this blog and on my Instagram.