Studio Tour

Hi there! Just thought I'd show a quick look inside my "studio" today. Vinny and I live in a 2-bedroom apartment in downtown Jersey City, and the 2nd bedroom acts as our office. I carved out this corner by the window to be my studio and while it's small and usually pretty messy, I love it. It's been my dream for so long to have my own space to create and now I have it. <- I need to remind myself of this often.

I was having a "good office day" the day I shot these, where it was tidy and the light was shining juuust right. I thought I'd document.

A few things around the space that I'd like to point out:

  • Printers: I have two. I have the Epson SureColor P600 that I use for printing all my products. It uses archival pigment inks (as opposed to dye-based) which means prints last longer and I can label my art prints as "giclée". My other printer is my Canon MG8220 that I use for printing labels, documents, etc. It's also my scanner, but I'm starting to feel like I should invest in a better scanner soon.
  • Computer Setup: You can't see in these images but my laptop is actually sitting at a small standing desk to the left. My monitor is plugged into that laptop. This setup is a little weird, but it's grown on me. I like having my monitor off my desk since I have minimal real estate, but I also like to (occasionally) stand at the standing desk and do some admin work.
  • Pull-out extension: I do most of my painting and photographing on the little pull-out section of my desk by the window. The desk is IKEA, but I believe it is discontinued. A shame, because that pull-out section really comes in handy!

Thanks for checking out where I spend about 76% of my life! Any questions? Leave them down in the comments!