2017 has already started off as a rollercoaster. I had a fantastic and exhausting trip to the Philippines (with a little layover in Tokyo) and came back so ready to work. But suddenly, I was plagued with self doubt and got a visit from some mental health demons (more on that later).

Regardless, I've decided that my theme of 2017 (I'm not really a resolution person) is to "face my fears". I know it's cliched and tired, but I really can't find a more direct way to put it. And I've already started! I've been more direct about what I want with clients. And I got what I wanted! No big deal. It used to be a big deal because I would whine about how much they would hate me if I said no to something or asked for too much. But so far I'm learning that as long as you are kind, polite, and a hard-worker, clients who care about you are more than happy to accommodate.

Another fear I'm facing: meeting/talking to new people. I wouldn't say I'm very shy. I AM very introverted, but I still like hanging out with friends and mingling at small gatherings. So I'm trying to attend more events in my community and have already a handful of friends in the neighborhood. I was even in front of the camera today for a little photoshoot which was WAY out of my comfort zone but I'm glad I did it.

Anyway, here's to 2017 and facing fears. Including the big, angry, political fears that are beginning to take over this country. I'm ready for ya.