February Favorites

I missed doing these! Here are the things I was digging this month.

  1. Vinny got me freesias for Valentine's Day and they are somehow still alive!
  2. I finished the first season of Insecure on HBO and I LOVED it. Issa Rae is so great and I highly recommend it.
  3. Gouache! I've been getting better at incorporating it into my work. The properties are a lot more different from watercolor than I thought. But it's all a ~learning experience~.
  4. Moistfull face moisturizer (Korean skincare) that I purchased in the Philippines. Kept my winter skin nice and bouncy!
  5. All the cakes. There were so many birthdays and multiple celebrations, therefore there was a lot of cake consumed this month. These are only 3/6 kinds of cake that were devoured, not counting 2nd and 3rd helpings.

I have lots of plans for myself in the next few months and I plan on sharing them with you as I go! I think I've finally gotten to a place where art and illustration don't freak me out (and they did) and I can have more fun with it, while at the same time develop a clearer business strategy. More on that soon.