February Favorites

I missed doing these! Here are the things I was digging this month.

  1. Vinny got me freesias for Valentine's Day and they are somehow still alive!
  2. I finished the first season of Insecure on HBO and I LOVED it. Issa Rae is so great and I highly recommend it.
  3. Gouache! I've been getting better at incorporating it into my work. The properties are a lot more different from watercolor than I thought. But it's all a ~learning experience~.
  4. Moistfull face moisturizer (Korean skincare) that I purchased in the Philippines. Kept my winter skin nice and bouncy!
  5. All the cakes. There were so many birthdays and multiple celebrations, therefore there was a lot of cake consumed this month. These are only 3/6 kinds of cake that were devoured, not counting 2nd and 3rd helpings.

I have lots of plans for myself in the next few months and I plan on sharing them with you as I go! I think I've finally gotten to a place where art and illustration don't freak me out (and they did) and I can have more fun with it, while at the same time develop a clearer business strategy. More on that soon.

November Favorites

November Favorites.jpg

Some things I've been fond of this month:

  1. L'Oréal Pure Clay Face Mask: An amazing drugstore face mask. Thought I'd slightly upgrade from my years-old Queen Helene mask. I've been using this once a week for the past month and my skin has just been so COMPATIBLE lately. Highly recommend.
  2. Moana OST: On all day. Constantly. Not yet sick of it. We'll see how that goes.

  3. New Rule: coffee only on the weekends. I had to give it up during the week because I felt like I was literally shooting up anxiety into my veins (I feel like someone said this on Twitter...). So now I just drink tea during the week and I've been really feeling the mint green tea from Twinings.

  4. The Crown: OBSESSED. Claire Foy is wonderful. And the fashion *heart eyes*. I wish it was longer. Can't wait for next season

Bonus Favorite (AKA I could not fit it in the square)

I launched my first Christmas line and that was exciting and a tad bit liberating? I wasn't 100% happy with it when I put it up on my Etsy, but it got a decent response and a nice handful of sales. Glad I was able to just put something out there and I can shoot higher for next time! Progress, not perfection, right?

October Favorites

October wasn't a *great* month for me mentally and stressfully, so I thought it would be nice to reflect on things I did like the past 4 weeks. Here they are!

  1. Hot apple cider and apple cider donuts One of the things my friends and I did in Vermont was visit a pumpkin patch and the had amazing cider and donuts. I took a half dozen home and it was a really blissful 2 days of microwaved donut life.
  2. Wearing sweaters again Love pulling out my cold weather wardrobe. It's like having new clothes! Cozy ones!
  3. Being Boss Podcast Been listening to a few podcasts lately and this has been one of my favorites. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I question my decision to be a self-employed person but Kathleen, Emily and their guests do a really good job of giving sound advice while also sharing questions and vulnerabilities lots of creatives have and it makes me feel less alone. GOOD STUFF.
  4. Wearing lipstick again! Orange and deep red have been my favorites. Right now I'm loving NYX's Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick and Topshop's LIPS in Beguiled.
  5. The Book of Life Movie Man oh man I think this movie is so underrated! It's so beautiful and sad and heartwarming and perfect for this time of year. I highly highly recommend it.