Allison's Wonderland Co.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing some lettering for my friend Allie's Etsy shop Allison's Wonderland Co. She sells super adorable hand-stitched crocheted goods and you should all go check it out! She wanted a bit of a modern refresh in the calligraphy and I thought something a little bold and bouncy would be perfect for it.

This looks like a hot mess but I do the lettering several SEVERAL times over to get the right one. I'll test out a few different brush pens and do some variations on the letters.

When I find the right one, I scan and bring it into Illustrator and then trace over it with the pen tool, adjusting here and there. While I usually love the little nuances and texture of brush lettering, I thought it would be best if it was nice and clean, especially for a logo.