Disney Trip

Ended our summer on a high note with our trip to Disney! Vinny and I went with a couple of friends from college that we don't see that often and had a blast. We did and ate so much! I was exhausted almost all of the time but exhaustedly happy. Disney is such a magical place.

Some highlights include:

  • Drinking our way around EPCOT (Pro-tip: take turns with friends at each country so as not to get completely shit-faced)
  • Going up Splash Mountain just as the fireworks were going off
  • Donald Duck photobombing us in Animal Kingdom (and just generally being hilarious)
  • Kathy's shirt which said "I'm surrounded by idiots" complete with picture of Scar
  • Eating so much food because Disney Dining Plan
  • Meeting so many characters - I was amazed at how not-so-bad the lines were!
  • Getting so many compliments on my ears (and many from some princesses). I got them from The Mermaid Harp and I love them.
  • The "Vamos!" parade. Judy and Nick Wilde are in it. The song is the catchiest. It is the best.

Sigh. Until next time!